Uloo has been a busy owl

Good grief. I know what you are all thinking (It is a curse) – What has Uloo been doing? Why has he been going to Southampton? I know. Its a mystery right? No longer…

Almost a year ago – Uloo won a contract to spend a month within Ordnance Survey to look at social media and ways in which they could embrace this brave new world.

After a couple of days, it became apparent that there were far more challenging issues at hand – to do with legacy technical infrastructure, poor web performance and a lack of consistency and long term vision.

So for the last year I have been working with Ordnance Survey to hire Information Architects, Usability experts, graphic designers – whilst working with Ordnance Survey to drive a culture of change. To fail quickly, to have data at the heart of all decisions and to be more aware of the changing landscape of geo-spatial data.

That work finished on the 24th October 2012 – I handed my year of work over to the new formed web team who are currently beavering away on building a first class web experience.

That is what I have been doing , pretty much, for the last year. Now its time for the Uloo to have some sleep.


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