I have Googled Uloo. You should be ashamed.

No, far from it. We rejoice in being naughty and different. This industry needs a bit of cheek. Anyway, as to professionalism…
Uloo is a consultancy-based business that is designed to bring objectivity and a sense of realism to the ever-evolving world of social media, digital marketing, digital engagement, content strategies, search engine optimisation, paid search… The list is pretty exhaustive. Its background is 13 years of digital experience including positions at FT.com, PopBitch.com, Google UK, YouTube, Shine Communications & AOL.
The point is that there are numerous strands, names, agencies and approaches to all of the above. It’s really about merging data with creativity – less Powerpoint, more action.
Uloo is consultancy designed to help clients and agencies get a sense of perspective around marketing, PR and social media. Uloo likes transparency, creativity, data, long-term business planning and lending a sense of perspective to what brands can and cannot do in the real world.

If you’ve thought, let’s make an app, let’s create a viral sensation, let’s open a Twitter account without having any idea why you are doing it, Uloo will be able to help.

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