Should you build your website in Flash?

No don’t be an idiot. If you build a website in flash you are an idiot.

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Social Media Pitching at its best

Hi there.

Uloo doesn’t like pitching. There we have said. The pitch process usually mean you have to respond a brief that doesn’t mean a whole great deal.

Uloo prefers talking, asking questions around your business and how technology disrupts and helps your business.

This is a great example of the nonsense within the industry.

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Uloo wins Amnesty International UK Project

Uloo is incredibly pleased and proud to announce that it is working with Amnesty International UK on their up and coming Amnesty TV project. We have been hired to build advocacy, awareness, excitement across the Internet working with John Doe & Made By Many to build a fun, engaged and flexible social platform for all.

We are humbled to be given this opportunity; to make a difference for such a fantastic cause is an incredible feeling. We hope once the project is live all of you will watch it, like it, share it and understand that freedom of speech and human rights is something we all must stand up for.

Again more information as it comes, but for now, Uloo is VERY excited.

PS: Expect it to be different to whatever you expect. That is why they hired us I think. Odd is good.

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Mini Moog Documentary

Hello. This has nothing to do with social media which is a very good thing. Instead its a mini documentary around Moog keyboards. The moog has been instrumental for decades across pop, dance, reggae and another musical genre you can shake a stick at. Enjoy.

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Anti Social Media

Ok so I am confused. What constitues a ‘viral’? Is it something that people like to watch and share because they thinks it entertaining? Or do they share something because it is so awful and without any sense of irony? Perhaps it is both? But what is the point? I mean any brand can spend money and make a video. Any brand can upload that to YouTube and pay for views. But what IS the point? I am not sure. Perhaps over time I will work it out. In the mean time, this video highlights why the term social media is so annoying.

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Uloo is looking for someone to help us.

Well this is all terribly exciting. It reminds me when I first saw the Red Arrows for the first time. They were brilliant. All red whoosy stuff and that. Great scenes.

Anyway, I digress. Uloo has recently won some very nice new projects to work on. One of them is our dream job/client. Seriously IT IS! Uloo is not allowed to announce who or what the client is as yet. Needless to say it is a dream job and involves comedy, celebrities, video and several incredibly interesting worthwhile causes.

The thing is, Uloo needs help. It needs to find the bestest in PR talent. Someone who has experience of online publicity, link building, blogger outreach and events and a whole other of funny sounding words which all mean make something popular. (Note I am not saying viral).

If you are an awesome PR person who has a proven track record of doing ACE work online and within the entertainment sector please get in touch. I promise its so ace you may start crying. I have.

If you are interested please contact

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Google vs Facebook

First up this is just an opinion piece, partly based on my time at Google and my experiences of dealing with Facebook.

Over the last couple of weeks, something has been eating away at me and I haven’t been able to put my finger on. Then this morning, as I walked past a newspaper stand I noticed all newspapers seem to have the same headline and same approach. Obviously Osama Bin Laden dead is huge news, but it got me thinking. Let me explain.

Media companies have been guilty for years of a lack of innovation. One newspaper puts a CD on their cover, the rest soon follow. One newspaper gives away a free download code, the others soon follow suit. This pattern has been happening for many years and doesn’t seem to be going away.

Now, it would seem the same pattern is forming between Google & Facebook. The introduction of Google +1 is an aggressive counter attack to the incredible rise of the Facebook platform across the web. Google is nervous about the rise and usage of Facebook and Facebook want some of the huge quantities of money coming into Google. All fair enough and makes sense. Or does it?

Whether or not Google and Facebook are media companies is a false argument. We consume their brand and use them for a myriad of services and uses. All of which need money from customers/advertisers to justify their existence.

The point is that they are falling into the trap of watching each other like ‘old’ media. I don’t want Google to do the same thing as Facebook, I want them to do different things that excite me, give me a reason to use them in different ways. I don’t want them to watch Facebook and look to outwit them on a social front – thats a battle at present that offers no real value to the user.

What should they do? Well, if I was in charge (its only a matter of time) I would look to make their most powerful weapon, PageRank, a new open social platform. No doubt Google +1 is a part of that, but they need to make it more powerful, more accountable and perhaps a bit more fun.

Of course there is no way thats going to happen, so perhaps Facebook if you are reading this you can have that idea for nothing.

No seriously, it’s nothing. I have others.

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Lets just post this because its very very good

Not everything on here is about social media you know. We will also publish stuff that we like. What I love about technology is that it creates a level playing field and people with talent can shine through. This guy has talent.

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Social Media is not a media buy

Ok. So its Sunday I am guessing that this piece of ‘opinion’ is not going to be everyones cup of tea but its an opinion piece. So lets all try and be honest about this shall we?

I have had the opportunity recently to meet many friends and foes in the industry , both client and agency, and there seems to be a growing trend of the industry ‘secretly’ admitting that this social media business is a bit of a ‘cash cow’.

Agencies of all disciplines are now claiming that they ‘do social media’ and that they have expertise in house. This can of course be the case but I think its worth stopping a second and clarifying what ‘social media’ is.

Social Media in essence is not a media buy. You can’t use your budget or your agencies to determine what consumers think about your product and service. Of course they play a role but lets create an example to clarify what I am rambling on about. It is Sunday after all.

You work in marketing for a credit card. Your consumers are in a recession and your APR on your cards is , say, 30%. You want to engage in social media, you want to develop advocates for your brand. You want people to talk about you freely across the internet – blogs, twitter, message boards, Facebook. You want lots more in bound links, you want to be perceived as a friend of the consumer.

Now you are a credit card with a high APR in a recession.  Do you think viral videos, apps, fun games on Facebook will make any real difference to your business?

No doubt you can build something that gets thousands of tweets and views. But is that what a credit card business needs? My guess is a credit card company wants more customers, more loyalty and a high class customer service.

My point is that agencies and clients alike need to understand that the Internet allows users to make their own opinion up about your brand – usually around what you do and how you interact with them on a business level not marketing.

Making money out of clients around videos and apps is sometimes relevant but it does smack of opportunism.

Rant over.


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Hello there

Welcome to Uloo!

Are you an agency?
Are you a client?
Are you a start up?
Are you trying to work out how to embrace technology (social media, mobile, search engines) and get a real sense of how it can work for your business?
Are you fed up of hearing things about the words ‘viral’ ‘app’ ‘earned media’ ‘paid for media’ ‘engagement’ without hearing about a business strategy behind them?

If you are shouting yes to any of the above – then welcome to Uloo.

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