The Owl Theremin – The Owlemin

The Owl Theremin

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am so excited. Today I can reveal that Uloo has commissioned a piece of modern art / nonsense which I will hope will make you all laugh / cry. WE HAVE BUILT A STUFFED OWL THEREMIM. WE HAVE! ITS AWESOME. WE DON’T REALLY KNOW WHY EITHER.

About 4 months ago, myself and my friend Clare (bass player from Chips from the Poor) were talking and decided that I should make something fun that ‘promoted’ Uloo but dO it differently. Clare suggested I speak to Dave at Nervous Squirrel. Dave is an engineer and makes a lot of amazing and strange things.

We chatted and decided a stuffed owl with with some kind of theremin would be perfect. We then both laughed a lot. Anyway, there will be videos and other fun things soon. Just look at the below. It looks amazing and there are more pictures and details here.

the owl theremin

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