When a client says ‘Social Media” what do they really mean?

It has nearly been 2 years since Uloo decided to walk the path lest trodden.

2 years thats over 300 days or 9000 Jupiter afternoons.

It has been an incredibly humbling and , at times, a hectic experience. During my time a few observations have surfaced and I thought I would do a top 20 of said observations.

I have no idea if I have 20 observations. (I am half way through and clearly don’t have 20)

1. When a client wants ‘social media’ consultancy – This is a cry for help for something far more serious – usually around product/crm or both.
2. Truth doesn’t exist in business. The politics and egos of the individual aways out-weigh the marketing or business need. Hence why if you work in a large business/corporation you get told to ‘play the game’ as opposed to ‘do the right thing’.
3. 99% of all client Facebook pages/feeds are boring.
4. 92% of most corporate Twitter feeds are boring
5. Orange & T Mobile merging and calling themselves ‘Everything Everywhere” is nonsense
6. Everything Everywhere is the worst name for a brand that will EVER exist
7. Strategy – 99% of CV’s in Western Europe have the word strategy on them.
8. 99% of people with the word ‘strategy’ on them are not fit to come up with a strategy.
9. Email is still better than anything else the Internet can offer.
10. At board level, there is still a huge amount of ignorance around the influence of technology of people’s behavior.
11. I left Facebook 18 months ago – I don’t miss at all
12. HungryHouse is an evil/awesome web experience (When tired)
13. Clients are still building apps with no idea why.
14. Clients like apps like a fat kid likes cake.
15. The ability to use data quickly and effectively within large organisations is still really poor.
16. Management seem to think having fun and being effective are counter-productive
17. 20 observations was a little ambitious
18. Organisations should learn to trust each other more and try new things quickly.
19. Flash is still being used to build websites
20. I still love the Internet

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