Uloo is looking for someone to help us.

Well this is all terribly exciting. It reminds me when I first saw the Red Arrows for the first time. They were brilliant. All red whoosy stuff and that. Great scenes.

Anyway, I digress. Uloo has recently won some very nice new projects to work on. One of them is our dream job/client. Seriously IT IS! Uloo is not allowed to announce who or what the client is as yet. Needless to say it is a dream job and involves comedy, celebrities, video and several incredibly interesting worthwhile causes.

The thing is, Uloo needs help. It needs to find the bestest in PR talent. Someone who has experience of online publicity, link building, blogger outreach and events and a whole other of funny sounding words which all mean make something popular. (Note I am not saying viral).

If you are an awesome PR person who has a proven track record of doing ACE work online and within the entertainment sector please get in touch. I promise its so ace you may start crying. I have.

If you are interested please contact scott@uloo.co.uk

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